About TAM Project

TAM Project (Center for Researcher and Academician Development in Information and Telecommunications Technologies) has been proposed to Turkish State Planning Organization in 2006 and is financially supported by Turkish State Planning Organization, later by Ministery of Development, since January 2007. TAM Project has two main goals.

  • to provide financial support to PhD students carrying out interdisciplinary research in information and telecommunications technologies, and
  • to construct an interdisciplinary research building.

TAM Project has been proposed by 26 faculty members from Boğaziçi University, under the leadership of Dr. Mehmet Ufuk Caglayan, Professor of Computer Engineering, where 11 faculty members are from  Department of Computer Engineering, 11 from Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, two from Biomedical Engineering Institute and two from Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Faculty members in the project have been organized in eight interdisciplinary research groups.  Number of faculty members in the project has increased up to 60 later. 

As of September 15, 2017, since January 2007, 

  • Principal Investigator/Coordinator is Dr. Cem Ersoy, Professor of Computer Engineering
  • Number of TAM Project faculty members is 60
  • Number of post-doctoral researchers, who currently work for TAM Project is 1,
  • Number of post-doctoral researchers, who earlier worked for TAM Project for different durations is 18, 
  • Total number of all PhD students who received TAM Project financial support is 90,
  • Number of PhD students who already graduated with TAM Project financial support is 60
  • Number of PhD students who currently receive TAM Project financial support is 16
  • Number of support personnel, who currently work for TAM Project is 1,

When other PhD students of TAM Project faculty members are considered, total number of PhD students handled by TAM Project faculty members is about 200.

TAM Project PhD student financial support is provided within the framework of "State Contract Personnel Rules and Regulations". Financial support also includes national/international conference/symposium attendance of PhD students. 

TAM Building construction has been started at Bogaziçi University Kandilli Campus in 2007 and went into service in April 2009. TAM Building has been transferred to TETAM (Telecommunications and Informatics Technologies Research Center) as of November 2013, is now called TETAM Building and has approximately 3000 sq.m of usable area. The building has 88 cubicles for mostly PhD students, 29 offices for faculty members and post-doctoral researchers, six interdisciplinary research labs, two MakerLab's, two conference halls, a seminar room, a meeting room, systems room, technical office and a number of social areas.

TAM Project is being carried out within TETAM since September 2013. The long-term goal of TAM Project is to carry out  PhD level interdisciplinary research in collaboration with industry and  produce researchers and academics with PhD's in ICT who are well demanded in Turkey.

Last Update: November 26, 2019